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Request for qualifications for technical assistance providers

We are seeking technical assistance providers who have exceptional subject matter expertise; ability to communicate across urban, suburban, and rural issues; working knowledge of new approaches and technologies within their area of expertise; examples of project success when applying their subject matter expertise to the their selected sector; documented processes for evaluation of their own work; sound judgment; and a track record of conscientious and timely communication with clients. 

We are seeking technical assistance providers in the following areas:

  • Grant Writing

  • Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Planning

  • Civil and Ecological Engineering

  • Building Sciences

  • Project Management and Implementation

  • Community Facilitation, Placemaking, and Engagement

  • Public Tax and Financial Services


If you or your company have technical expertise, knowledge, and a general passion for this work, but your specific skills are not listed above, please still respond to this RFQ with how your experience and services can be an asset to this region.

This is a rolling RFQ process to best accommodate the diverse and evolving needs of the communities we support; the RFQ will remain open to ensure that everyone interested is able to respond as we continue to grow our network of projects and partners.

Please read our full Request for Qualifications document for more details on specific services and submission requirements. If you are ready to apply after you review the RFQ, please complete the form below. 


We will follow up interested parties within 15 business days with any additional questions or to participate in a short interview as needed. As new project opportunities arise, SWPA Hub staff will reach out directly to technical assistance providers to support grant applications and projects, or to request further information on specific areas of expertise or qualifications that may be needed, or processes based on specific projects we are supporting.

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