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project priorities

We know your work is important and understand the many challenges communities face – often without much support. Federal investments of past generations – in some cases by design – often missed the mark on supporting communities in greatest need. That’s why we consider every project individually and seriously.


To help guide our decisions about how we can best support projects and communities, we prioritize projects across four broad categories:

improved environmental health & Public safety
  • Projects that reduce pollution and protect, rehabilitate, or enhance the natural environment 

  • Projects that help transition communities toward renewable energy, increase energy efficiency, and eliminate toxins and hazards in the built environment

  • Projects that aim to support under-resourced and overburdened communities. This includes projects that are located in or serve Justice 40 communities, Energy communities, and PA DEP EJ areas

Sustainable Economic development centered on local workers and families
  • Projects that (re)invest in community development strategies and quality jobs that support local community members

  • Projects with long-lasting impacts that will equitably benefit a wide range of community members and expand economic opportunities for them

community self-determination & public Accountability
  • Project design, implementation, and management are led by or done in partnership with local governments and actively engaged community-based organizations

  • Project development includes a real and accessible process for community input 

long-term sustainability & scalability
  • Projects that increase the collective understanding of emerging policy solutions to challenges faced across communities.

  • Projects that can serve as a model and learning opportunity for other communities to replicate or draw inspiration from.

  • Projects that will improve the quality of life and wellbeing of people and communities who have been historically left behind by large-scale investments across sectors.

engagement principles

We work across sectors, industries, and geographies to help support high-impact community-based projects. The following principles and values guide us as we seek to engage with partners in this work:

Justice & Equity

We know that an individual project alone will not undo all the deeply ingrained inequities people face, but we prioritize partnerships that collectively recognize and value regenerative and reparative projects that address systemic environmental, economic, and social issues.

Trust and Transformative Relationships

Establishing and maintaining healthy, non-extractive community relationships is paramount. Seeking these relationships should not just be a means to develop formal buy-in from community stakeholders (i.e., check a box) but rather to include communities as legitimate co-collaborators in developing projects. This requires time, transparency, honesty, and an ongoing commitment to open and frequent dialogue.

Adaptivity and Responsiveness

Project partners should be willing to listen and adjust their work to better align with shared community visions. We want to work with you in identifying aspects of your project that can be enhanced by connecting you to other people and opportunities in our region.

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