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What could your community accomplish together if it had the resources & support needed to tackle our region's Biggest challenges and opportunities?

  Welcome to the SWPA Municipal Project Hub 

We help local government officials across Southwestern Pennsylvania access historic federal infrastructure & clean energy funding by connecting them with the resources, hands-on technical assistance, and other support they need to conceptualize, fund, and implement high-impact community development projects.


About The Hub

Connecting SWPA's Communities to Historic Opportunity


Southwestern Pennsylvania is at the dawn of a transformational turning point in its history. Thanks to the recently passed federal Inflation Reduction Act and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (Bipartisan Infrastructure Law) bills, communities nationwide are enjoying a once-in-a-generation federal investment in community-based local and regional infrastructure. Southwestern PA's municipalities have both a disproportionate need for these investments and an extremely limited capacity to apply for and implement the funds. 

The Hub team works to meet SWPA’s local government officials where they are, understanding what local challenges keep them up at night and helping to connect the dots that bring to life the exciting and impactful projects that have the potential to benefit our communities for generations.

We engage with leaders working on municipal projects and ideas at all stages of development and implementation, working creatively and responsively to connect local and regional leaders with the project conceptualization, visioning, technical research, capacity, and relationship-building support needed to position SWPA's communities to effectively, strategically, and competitively apply for transformative federal grant opportunities alongside local and regional partners.

Our service offerings will continue to expand as we hear from local government officials about the very specific capacity/resource gaps getting in the way of their work. If you are a technical expert or worker interested in opportunities to get involved, we want to hear from you about how your experience, knowledge, and passions intersect with the needs of our region's local municipalities. Learn more here!

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